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We strongly believe that data is essential. Our mission is to popularize crowd science within the ML and DS community and build up crowdsourcing experts (crowd solutions architects). Check out what we have for you!
During our webinars and workshops, we explore the key steps of launching crowdsourcing projects, run projects on the real crowd on Toloka, and give the attendees an opportunity to discuss their annotation ideas.
We organize tutorials, workshops, joint sessions, and other events at global technology conferences like NeurIPS, ICML, KDD, SIGMOD, CVPR, VLDB, and NAACL.
On-demand events
We can help you organize and hold successful events where your attendees will learn the fundamental principles behind crowdsourcing methodology and master the main tools of the Toloka platform.
Useful resources
Knowledge Base
The Knowledge base is a large encyclopedia on crowdsourcing for machine learning. It contains tips and step-by-step instructions for requesters on how to work with human annotation, manage data labeling, and get high-quality results.
Real use cases
Real cases are an online collection of data labeling pipelines that was designed by Toloka researchers and engineers, as well as international researchers who received our grants. Check them out to learn more about working with datasets for efficiently training and evaluating machine learning algorithms.
Self-Study Guide to Crowdsourcing
We created this series of video tutorials to get you acquainted with crowdsourcing – through theory and real-life case studies. We thought this would be a great opportunity for you to explore and apply the knowledge right away. Our guide consists of 3 tracks: ML and AI, Business and Marketing, and Social Sciences. Whatever your background, you can count on our tutorials to walk you through the basics.
Online course
This course will teach you how to do efficient and scalable data labeling for all kinds of projects. You’ll get acquainted with the key aspects of the crowdsourcing approach, which is based on splitting complex challenges into small tasks and distributing them among a vast crowd of performers.
Support initiatives
Grants for Research

The aim of this program is to support the academic community and encourage the use of crowdsourcing in research. Get a chance to obtain high-quality data and enhance your research by applying for the grant.

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Grants for Startups

At Toloka Academy, we help startups solve business challenges at every stage of the startup journey. Apply for a grant to speed up your development.

Education Pricing Plan

This is a special offer for students, faculty members, and researchers. Toloka gives them an opportunity to collect and label data with zero commission. Apply now and tell your colleagues and students about this pricing plan.

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Initiatives for Educators

We believe that it is essential to support those who educate. That’s why we have accumulated all we have to offer in one place. Press learn more to see what we have for educators.

Job Opportunities

We are passionate about connecting Toloka Academy students with companies looking for crowd solutions architects. Checkout the open positions.

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