Rate limiting

Toloka applies the following rate limiting to the requests from clients to the Toloka API.

Requests per second

Toloka limits the number of requests that clients can send per second. If you exceed 300 requests to the Toloka API per second, the platform will return an error with the 429 Too Many Requests HTTP status code. If the problem persists, please lower the number of requests per second and try and repeat your requests in a couple of seconds.

API methods request limiting

Some of the API methods have their own additional limitations for the methods that allow you to create or edit objects during a minute, hour, or day. Once you reach the limit, the platform will return an error with the 429 Too Many Requests HTTP status code and the reason for the error in the response body.

Aggregate results530200
Assign skills100,000
Change overlap10
Clone pools20100
Clone training pools20100
Create pools20100
Create projects20100
Create skills10100
Create tasks200,0004,000,000
Create task suites100,0002,000,000
Create training pools20100
Issue bonuses10,000
Message all Tolokers1 message
Message specific Tolokers100,000

Additional actions limitations

The actions below don't have public API methods, but they affect the actions in the interface and also apply some limitations.

Give access to account100
Mass actions with users10,000 operations
Upload files1000 files
Uploaded file size5,242,880 KB
Size of files uploaded by Tolokers1,073,741,824 KB

If you need to increase some of the above limits, please contact our support.

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