Common mistakes made by requesters

Using crowdsourcing can be challenging. It's difficult to get it right when launching your first project. In this section, you will learn what mistakes requesters make most often and how to avoid or fix them.

Depending on the stage of using Toloka, requester mistakes can be related to: project architecture, task interface, uploading tasks, or setting up quality control.

Project architecture

  • No decomposition: the requester creates a large task without dividing it into projects and expects Tolokers to infer final conclusions.

  • The project instructions are long and complicated.

  • High entry threshold: at the beginning of the project, there is complex training and strict selection of Tolokers.


Task interface


You can create a task interface in the Template Builder or in the HTML/JS/CSS editor.

  • The task doesn't work correctly: buttons are not clickable or images are not displayed.

  • Inconvenient interface: too many questions or unnecessary elements, empty spaces, non-obvious task design, or instructions inside the interface.

  • The Toloker's actions are not checked: Tolokers can submit incorrectly filled or empty output data fields for verification or they can submit a task response with no video or audio in media content tasks.


Uploading tasks

Common mistakes related to uploading tasks:

  • Incorrect format, encoding, or structure of the file with tasks.

  • Too many tasks on a page, which reduces the quality of task completion.

  • Incorrect distribution of control tasks.


Quality control

  • There are no Toloker filters and tasks are available even to Tolokers who can't complete them.

  • Quality control rules are not used, or they are configured incorrectly.


Examples of problems

New Tolokers aren't joining the project
Tolokers are leaving the project

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Last updated: February 15, 2023

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