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We believe in the power of community that will help us shape a framework
of excellence across all stages of the Machine Learning life cycle.

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  • Community events

    Join our events where community members share their experience solving complex practical problems related to the ML pipeline.

  • Toloka-Kit

    Our open-source library covers all API functionality, making it even easier for ML teams to build scalable and fully automated ML pipelines.

  • API

    Integrate our on-demand global crowdforce & build fully automated ML pipelines.

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Useful resources

  • Job Opportunities

    Let’s build the future of AI together! Find open positions at companies looking for crowd solutions architects.

  • Public Datasets

    We support research and innovation by sharing large amounts of accurate data applicable to machine learning in a variety of areas.

  • Crowd-Kit

    Our powerful Python library implements commonly-used aggregation methods for crowdsourced annotation and offers relevant metrics and datasets.

  • Stack Overflow

    Find answers to common questions or start a new discussion.

  • Grants for Research

    Get a chance to obtain high-quality data and enhance your research by applying for a grant.

  • Grants for Startups

    We help startups solve business challenges at every stage of the startup journey. Apply for a grant to speed up your development.

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