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  • Develop and promote best practices, tools, and infrastructure for ML systems

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Useful resources

  • Community eventsJoin our events where community members share their experience solving practical problems related to the ML life cycleLearn more
  • Toloka blogRead product news, case studies, technology articles, and industry insightsLearn more
  • VideosWatch recordings of past webinars, meet-ups, workshops, and other eventsLearn more

Toloka open source libraries

Check out our open source libraries and tools to simplify working with labeled data.

  • Toloka-KitA Python library for working with Toloka via API. It simplifies building scalable and fully automated solutions.Learn more
  • Crowd-KitA Python library with aggregation methods, datasets, and other tools to work with crowdsourced data.Learn more
  • Toloka-Java-SDKA lightweight interface to the Toloka API that works in any Java environment.Learn more

Grants and free datasets

  • Public datasetsFree public datasets with large amounts of human-labeled training data applicable to machine learning in a variety of areas.Learn more

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Toloka Global Community is a space for exchanging ideas, code, and expertise. Together we can shape a framework of excellence across all stages of the machine learning lifecycle.

We discuss a wide range of topics like natural language processing, computer vision, search relevance, and more!

We invite people from all walks of ML: data scientists, researchers, ML engineers, and everyone else. If you have practical experience to share or challenges to mull over, don’t hesitate to join the conversation!

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