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Success stories

10+ years of industry experience solving real-world problems.

  • Improved crowdsourced translations of product descriptions.



    budget reduction while achieving optimal quality.

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  • Improved the accuracy
    of a predictive tool using local shopping patterns.



    improvement in app accuracy after data collection, reaching 95%.

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  • Enhanced performance
    of a recommendation engine.



    reduction of errors in the
    product recommender model.

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  • Tuned a 3D foot sizing
    app for better accuracy.



    improvement in app accuracy with accelerated time to market.

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Support for multilingual projects

On-demand access to global crowd coverage across every time zone for fast scaling in multiple languages.

  • 100+ Countries
  • 40+ Languages
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Why Toloka

  • State-of-the-art technologies

    Crowd management tools and quality control options backed by 10 years of industry experience and research

    • Multiple quality control methods
    • Adaptive crowd selection
    • Smart matching mechanisms
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  • Global crowd

    Millions of Tolokers across every time zone for on-demand labeling, instant scaling, and multilingual projects

    • 40+ languages, 100+ countries
    • 200k+ monthly active Tolokers
    • 800+ daily active projects
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  • Robust infrastructure

    Fault-tolerant high-load system for rapid
    knowledge enrichment that prioritizes
    data security and privacy

    • High throughput – 499M+ tasks per month
    • GDPR-compliant, ISO 27001-certified
    • Secure data storage options
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For developers

  • API

    Our open API gives you the freedom
    to integrate directly into any pipelines

  • Python SDK

    Our Python toolkit covers all API
    functionality to give you the full
    power of Toloka

  • Java SDK

    Our Java client library provides a lightweight
    interface to the Toloka API that works
    in any Java enviroment

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