Data labeling
for computer vision
Label images and videos and take full control of your training data.
Power your computer vision algorithm with datasets of any size.
Top-quality data
Collect and annotate training data that meets and exceeds industry quality standards thanks to multiple quality control methods and mechanisms available in Yandex.Toloka.
Scalable projects
Have any amounts of image, text, speech, audio or video data collected and labeled for you by millions of skilled Yandex.Toloka users across the globe.
Save time and money with this purpose-built platform for handling large-scale data collection and annotation projects, on demand 24/7, at your own price and within your timeframe.
Free, powerful API
Build scalable and fully automated human-in-the-loop machine learning pipelines with a powerful open API.
Annotations we support
With Yandex.Toloka, you can control data labeling accuracy to build a predictable pipeline of high-quality training data that impacts your CV algorithms. Our platform supports annotation for image classification, semantic segmentation, object detection and recognition, and instance segmentation. Labeling tools include bounding boxes, polygons and keypoint annotation.

Ask performers to draw pixelwise boundaries for each object instance or group of objects.

Bounding box

Ask performers to identify objects in images that match certain classes and use bounding boxes to mark the location.


Ask performers to identify objects in images that match certain classes and draw pixel-perfect polygons around the exact shape.


Performers can label feature details in human faces to identify facial landmarks, expressions or emotions.


Use Yandex.Toloka to classify images by matching visual content with one or more pre-defined categories.

Image transcription

Ask performers to transcribe text in PDF files. Use labeled data to train your text recognition algorithms, or validate and fine-tune the output of your own OCR models.

Side-by-side comparison

Use side-by-side image comparisons to verify or clean up your data. Ask crowd performers to look at two images and pick which one is better.

Image & video collection

Collect datasets of videos or images related to a common theme, or with a specific type of lighting or environment. Ask crowd performers to record video snippets according to your specifications and instructions.

Ask performers to draw pixelwise boundaries for each object instance or group of objects.

Crowdsourcing means unlimited resources
Data collection and labeling processes place high demands on the time, skills and expertise of a large number of people. Yandex.Toloka gives you access to an unlimited crowdforce available 24/7 across the globe, plus intelligent tools and quality control methodologies for transparent and scalable workflows.
Real-time insights
Track your projects with real-time statistics on progress, spending, quality, time spent on tasks and active users involved. Leverage detailed analytics to fine-tune as necessary and make timely decisions to optimize speed, quality and budget.
Success stories
Get started now
Take advantage of Yandex technologies and resources, including millions of performers available for your projects 24/7.
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