How to upload tasks

In the interface
Via Toloka API

To upload file with tasks to a pool:

  1. Go to the Prepare and upload data step if you're creating a pool or click the Upload button on the pool page.

  2. Attach a prepared dataset or media files.

    1. Download the template and replace the sample data in it with your own data.

    2. Click Select prepared dataset and choose your file with tasks.

    Use sample data
  3. Click Continue.

  4. Choose a way to put tasks into suites and specify the number of tasks per suite. For more information, see Ways to group tasks in suites.

  5. Click Combine tasks into suites.

  6. Wait for the result.

To delete all the tasks in the pool, click Delete.


You can add up to one million tasks to the pool. To upload more tasks, create another pool.

Tips and recommendations

  • Set the number of tasks per suite depending on the complexity and time allocated for a task.

    We recommend that you distribute them so that each task suite takes no more than five minutes to complete.

  • If you get a processing error, it means that the data file is not formatted correctly. For example, there are unnecessary tabs in the file or some lines, headers, or quotes are missing.

    In this case, click Cancel, correct the mistakes, and then upload the file again.

Processing errors

If an error occurred while uploading the file, use the table.

To view the processing log, click More on uploading errors. The processing log is written in JSON format. Objects inside result match the line number of the uploaded file. Lines that were processed with an error have the status "success": false.


To work with a large log conveniently, copy it to the text editor.

Processing errors tables

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Last updated: August 3, 2023

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