Checking project

After you uploaded the files with the tasks to the pool, complete the tasks as a Toloker. This way you can find if the project contains any errors, or might be too difficult or ambiguous for the Tolokers to complete.

It also allows you to fix potential issues with your tasks even before you send them to the real Tolokers for labeling. This will save your money and Tolokers efforts.

To label the project tasks as a Toloker, click Try tasks as a Toloker at the pool overview page.

Check the project before you start labeling

We recommend that you pay attention to the following aspects:

Task interface visible to Tolokers
Task instructions Tolokers will see
Task labeling process
Output format

If you discover issues with your project or tasks during the project check, you can fix them all before you launch your project and real Tolokers complete your tasks. Go back and edit your project settings. Tweak the task interface and instructions as much as you need to. Once that's done, your project is ready to launch.

We recommend that you always double-check new projects. You should also check previously created projects whenever you modify their interface or instructions.

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Last updated: February 15, 2023

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