The Sandbox is a testing environment for Toloka. This is where you can test your project settings as a Toloker before moving them to the Toloka production version and running the project for real Tolokers. This helps you avoid making mistakes and spending money on a task that isn't working right.

Getting access to the sandbox


Starting March 2023, new clients get access to Toloka sandbox upon request.

Please contact our support team describing the projects you plan to use the sandbox for, types of tasks you plan to upload, the approximate number of trusted Tolokers who are going to complete tasks for you there, and other details.

Make sure the projects you plan to use in the sandbox meet the usage rules.

Usage rules

  1. The sandbox is intended for testing tasks with small batches of data. Labeling an entire dataset is considered unfair usage of the service, unless you have a special agreement with us.

  2. The sandbox limits the number of trusted Tolokers and submitted tasks for testing your project. Limits are set by Toloka admins.

If you need a private data labeling environment for your own team, request the in-house data labeling option.

How to run a project in the sandbox

Once you have access to the sandbox approved, follow the steps below to run a project there.

  1. Register in the sandbox as a requester.


    To avoid confusion, use the same Yandex ID that you used in the Toloka production version to register as a requester.

  2. Configure and launch your project:

How to complete tasks

To complete your tasks in the sandbox:

  1. Register as a Toloker (see the instructions in the user documentation).


    Authorization via social media isn't allowed, so you need to register a new user in Yandex.

  2. Log in to the Sandbox using the requester account.

  3. Open the Tolokers page and click Add trusted Tolokers.

  4. Click Add Toloker and enter the case-sensitive username of the created Toloker.

    Only trusted Tolokers can access your tasks.

    The number of trusted Tolokers required for testing depends on the overlap settings.

    To test your project in the Sandbox, set overlap 1. If you increase the overlap, you will need to register more Tolokers and add trusted accounts.

    When exporting a project to the production version of Toloka, you can specify the necessary overlap in accordance with your project goals.

  5. Log in to the sandbox using the Toloker account and test your tasks. Make sure that the buttons and response validation are set up correctly, and assess how long it takes to complete the tasks. Make sure that the Toloker selection and quality control work.

How to move a task to the production version of Toloka


Note that you can move only project and pool settings. You can't move tasks and responses to them. The project's quality control settings can't be moved, either.

To move tasks from the sandbox to the production version:

  1. Link the sandbox and production version accounts:

    1. Open the Integrations tab in the production version on the profile page, click Get OAuth token, and copy the OAuth token displayed.

    2. Open the same tab in the sandbox on the profile page, paste the copied token into the Main Toloka OAuth token field, and click Add OAuth token.

  2. Go to the project page in the sandbox and click Drop-down buttonExport button Export.

  3. Choose the pools to export and click Export.

    If the pool has linked training, it is exported automatically.


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