You can use filters to select Tolokers for your project. Tasks will only be shown to matching Tolokers, rather than to all of them. Properly configured filters help you send tasks to a target group of Tolokers. As a result, you'll get your results faster and spend less money.

To select Tolokers for the pool, click Add filter at the Select the audience for your task step of creating a pool or on the pool editing page.

From the drop-down list, select filters by profile data and device specifications.


Copy filters from another pool to add them faster. Click Copy audience filters and quality settings and select the pool you want to copy filters from.

All filters added to the pool are applied simultaneously. The criteria within a single filter are combined with the logical OR operator.


Tasks in pools will automatically be available in the web version of Toloka and the mobile app. If you want to change the default settings and limit the visibility of the task for any of the versions, add the Client filter and select the desired value: Toloka web version or Toloka for mobile.

The number of Tolokers selected with your filters is shown in the The task is available to N active Tolokers line, which is in the Audience.

Calculated data

Use this group of filters to select Tolokers by device type, browser, or software version. The data in this group of filters might differ from the one Tolokers specify in their profiles and shows the values detected by the platform.

Region by phone number
Region by IP
Device type
Operating system
Type of client application
Client application versions
Experiment group (1-100)

Toloker profile

Use filters from this group to select Tolokers by the main profile data. Please note, that the data Tolokers set in their profiles might be different from the calculated data if the Tolokers specify incorrect or false information.

Adult content
Date of birth


You can select Tolokers with or without a skill and filter them by skill value.

You can use global skills as a filter to recruit Tolokers who are good at certain types of tasks. Do that by selecting Add filter → Skills → Choose global skill, and then set a skill limit in the filter.

Examples of using a skill filter:

I need Tolokers without a skill
I need Tolokers with a skill and the skill level doesn't matter
I need Tolokers with a skill of a certain level
I need Tolokers with a global skill of a certain level

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Last updated: August 24, 2023

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