Setting up quality control

Quality control lets you get more accurate responses and restrict access to tasks for cheating users. Quality control consists of rules. All rules work independently.


Quality control rules that you set in the project are applied to all project pools, so you can't change them in one pool.

To set up quality control:

  1. Go to the pool editing page.

  2. If you already have a pool with the appropriate quality control settings, you can copy it along with the audience settings. To do this, go to Tolokers filter and click Copy settings from... and then Add Quality Control Rule.

  3. Under Quality Control, choose the rules you want to use.

    If you aren't sure which quality control rules you need, use a preset with default settings.

  4. Make settings for the rules you added. For more information, see the List of rules.

  5. Click Save.


If you already have a pool with the quality control settings you need, you can copy it along with the audience settings:

  1. In the Audience block, click the Copy from another pool button.

  2. Select a project and pool.

  3. Click the Copy audience filters and quality control settings button.

List of rules

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Last updated: February 15, 2023

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