Skipped assignments

Restrict access to pool tasks for Tolokers who skip multiple task suites in a row.

Tolokers can skip task suites that seem too large or complex and choose easier tasks. They get paid in the same way. For example, the Toloker is evaluating medical articles for whether they contain prescriptions, dosage, and mentions of specific medications. They might decide to skip long texts and label only short ones that take 10–20 seconds to read.

You can set up this rule to restrict Toloker access to a pool.

Before you enable skipping tasks, we recommend that you read the section Tips for designing tasks.

When to use

Restrict access to pool tasks for Tolokers who skip multiple task suites in a row if:

  • Tasks are different in volume and Tolokers might skip large tasks in order to only perform short ones;

  • Tasks must be performed in order and skipping tasks may affect the quality.

Don't use it if:

  • There aren't very many tasks in the pools. For example, if a task is a survey on a single page and the Toloker skips this page, they will no longer be able to perform tasks in the pool, which means there is no need to ban them.

  • Tasks are the same in volume.

  • The task complexity can't be estimated, which means the Tolokers won't be willing to skip tasks in search of easier ones.

How to configure


All fields in this rule are required. If you don't fill in at least one of them, you won't be able to save the rule.


A condition for performing the action in the then field:

  • task suites skipped in a row — The number of task suites skipped in a row.

Action to perform for the If condition:

  • suspend — Suspend the Toloker's access to the pool for the specified number of days. Only the requester can view the reason.

  • ban — Block access to the project or all of the requester's projects for the specified number of days. Only the requester can view the reason.

    If access to tasks is blocked temporarily (for example, for 7 days), the history of the Toloker's task suite responses is not saved after the ban is lifted. The skill value is based on new task suite responses.

  • accept all assignments from this Toloker in the pool — Requires the manual review option to be set.

    Useful if the Toloker completes most tasks well. Example: The Toloker completed more than 80% of the tasks correctly and you are satisfied with this result. The rule will work automatically and accept all task suite responses in the pool.

  • assign skill value — Assign a fixed value to the skill.


Task: you're conducting an opinion poll. For the results to be accurate, the Toloker must answer most of the questions.

Correct settings
Incorrect settings

A Toloker who skips 2 task suites in a row is restricted from accessing the pool and can't complete your tasks for 5 days.


The assignments submitted by banned Tolokers will be taken into account if they are not rejected using manual review. They can be reassigned by setting up the Recompletion of assignments from banned users rule.

For developers


Should I create a skill for every pool?
Can I use a skill beyond a particular pool or project and apply it to other projects as well?
The pool has an overlap and majority vote set up, but some fraudulent Toloker opens the task suites, does nothing, and submits empty assignments. Could this cheater get more tasks from the pool before the results of other Tolokers are known? Could a Toloker quickly click through a lot of task suites before the majority vote is accumulated to ban the cheater?
If a cheating Toloker gives a lot of incorrect responses, and the system eventually bans them for errors in control tasks, do I have to pay for the bad responses anyway?
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Last updated: July 26, 2023

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