Adaptive ML models

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Why you need
adaptive ML models

Aiming to automate business processes for better customer service and efficient operations? You need to make the most out of your data streams to get actionable insights. You need plenty of time, expertise, and infrastructure for experiments with model training, deployment, and maintaining the quality of services. If you’re like most teams, you have better ways to spend your resources.

With adaptive ML models, you can easily deploy intelligent services without investing in infrastructure. Our models are trained on huge datasets and continually optimized to give you unbeatable accuracy.


It’s everything a model should be

  • Our state-of-the-art models are fine-tuned to fit your data streams perfectly
  • Powerful and easy-to-understand monitoring setup for your data streams and model performance
  • Models are deployed as hosted services with no infrastructure hassles
  • Model evaluation and maintenance via crowd-powered HiTL model retraining and updates
  • Integration with Toloka data labeling projects for building ground truth datasets before model tuning and for measuring model performance during production usage
  • No-code capabilities for setting up services

How it works

  • Prepare your training data and optionally get it labeled in Toloka
  • Choose a model that fits your task from our list of solutions
  • Create a project and plug in your dataset to fine-tune the model
  • Kickstart a production-ready model instance that serves model responses for your data streams via API
  • Integrate this service in your business process: connect your data streams and receive model-generated labels for further use
  • Use our monitoring setup to check model performance and other key characteristics of the service hosting the model
  • Benefit from the background human-in-the-loop processes that keep the model up-to-date with your current data stream content

Success stories

What you can count on

  • Unbeatable Accuracy

    Our state-of-the-art model architectures are trained on a large corpus and then adapted to your data for the best quality on the market.

  • Minimal Effort

    Forget about figuring out MLOps. You don’t need to invest in building your own model training and inference infrastructure.

  • Easy Deployment

    The trained model is deployed to a dedicated server and available via API with low latency for model predictions.

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