Creating a project

If you already have a project and you want to create an identical one, clone the existing project. If not, create a new project.

How to create a project

The project defines what the task will look like for a Toloker.

To get better results, make tasks as simple as possible and divide complex tasks into several projects.


You can first create and test your project for free in the sandbox and then move it to the Toloka production version.

To create a project in the interface:

  1. Choose a preset:

    1. Click the Create a project button on the Projects page.

    2. Choose a preset. The preset contains pre-configured input and output data fields and the task interface, which you can edit.

      If there is no suitable preset, choose an empty preset.

  2. Provide general information:

    1. Enter the Name to show Tolokers and Description for Tolokers. Tolokers will see this in the task list.

    2. Optionally add a Private comment.

  3. Edit the task interface:

    Template Builder
    HTML/JS/CSS editor
    1. Create the task interface.

    2. Click Show specifications to see the input and output data fields.

      Input data fields are created from the code on the Example of input data tab.

      The output data fields depend on the components that use data.output and values supported by it.

      Learn more about input and output data fields in the Template Builder Help.

    3. Specify the settings for field task display if you use one of the field task templates.

  4. Write guidelines for Tolokers.

    You can prepare instructions in HTML format, then copy and paste into the editor. Click <> to switch to HTML mode.

  5. Optionally, if your project assumes the collection of any personal data:

    1. Turn on the This project collects personal data from Tolokers option.

    2. Provide the information about your company in the Personal data policy section:

      1. Fill in the Requester's name, Legal address and Email fields.

      2. Specify the link to your privacy policy in the Link to the requester's privacy policy field.

      3. Specify the estimated date of the project completion in the End of data processing field.

      4. Select the values in the Purpose of data collection and Type of personal data fields.

  6. Optionally, add translations to other languages:

    1. Select the source language and the target languages.

    2. Fill in the fields in the table.

    3. Click Finish.

After creating the project, add a task pool to it. You can also set up quality control in the project.

How to work via Toloka API

To create a project using Toloka API, send a POST request with the information about the project:

curl -X POST '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: ApiKey PlaceYourRealApiKey_Here' \
-d '{"public_name":"Elephant color","public_description":"What color is the elephant in the picture?","public_instructions":"<p>Look at the picture and decide what color the elephant is.</p> You can zoom in or out using the buttons:</p> <img src=\"disc/img1.png>\"","private_comment":"My first project","task_spec":{"input_spec":{"image":{"type":"URL","required":true,"hidden":false}},"output_spec":{"result":{"type":"string","required":true,"hidden":false}},"view_spec":{"assets":{"script_urls":["library1.js","library2.js"]},"markup":"<task interface code>","script":"<JavaScript code>","styles":"<CSS code>","settings":{"showSkip":true,"showTimer":true,"showTitle":true,"showSubmit":true,"showFullscreen":true,"showInstructions":true,"showFinish":true,"showMessage":true,"showReward":true}}},"assignments_issuing_type":"AUTOMATED","assignments_automerge_enabled":false,"max_active_assignments_count":15,"quality_control":{"configs":[{"collector_config":{"type":"SKIPPED_IN_ROW_ASSIGNMENTS"},"rules":[{"conditions":[{"key":"skipped_in_row_count","operator":"GTE","value":10}],"action":{"type":"REJECT_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS","parameters":{"public_comment":"Skipped more than 10 task suites in a row"}}}]}]},"localization_config":{"default_language":"EN"}}'

Refer to the Create project section of the Toloka API documentation for more details about the request, its parameters, and possible responses. You will find examples of the requests for Toloka-Kit and other code samples there.

Project moderation


Before launching the project, see the What tasks can't be placed in Toloka? page.

Moderation begins when you launch the first pool of a new project in which the pools have not been started before.

This usually takes about 1 hour. In some cases, the moderation process may take longer. Note that tasks are not available to Tolokers during moderation. Once it's finished, you'll get a message with the results.

If your project successfully passes moderation and you didn't pause the pool, Tolokers will start your tasks.

Otherwise, you'll see the Your project didn't pass moderation label under the project name. In this case, you won't be able to launch pools and Tolokers won't see tasks from the project.

If your project is rejected, press the Contact support button on the pool page or on the project page to find out why and get specific recommendations.

Use the recommendations to fix the task content and let us know when it's ready to check. If everything is OK, your project will be approved, and Tolokers will be able to start your tasks. If not, we'll tell you what else you need to do. Also you can clone the rejected project, make changes and launch it again.

How to clone a project

You can view the list of created projects on the Projects page. Open the project page to view the list of pools, project rating, and project statistics.

To clone a project, click in the list of projects or select Project actions → Clone on the project page.


Quality control in the project is not cloned.

If you need to change the project settings, open edit mode.

How to pin a project

To pin a project at the top of the list, hover the cursor over the project row and click Pin project.

To unpin a project, hover the cursor over the project row and click Unpin project.

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Last updated: August 3, 2023

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