Project statistics

To view the graphs, go to the project and open the Statistics tab.

Open poolsThe number of open pools.
Pools (total)The total number of pools.
Submitted responses

The total number of completed task suites (taking overlap into account).

There may be few completed tasks if your tasks are only available to a small number of Tolokers. This could be due to incorrectly configured filters or skills. In this case, some Tolokers don't see your tasks.

It's also possible that training is too complicated or training settings are incorrect.


The graph shows the number of tasks by type:

  • Submitted — The number of task suites submitted for review in all pools.

  • Accepted— The number of accepted task suites in all pools.

  • Skipped — The number of task suites skipped by Tolokers.

  • Expired — The number of expired task suites. Includes the pages that Tolokers failed to complete on time or decided to skip.

Average overlap

The average number of Tolokers who completed the same task in the project.

Task completion timeThe average time spent on one task suite across all project pools. Specified in seconds.
Spent (+ fee)

The total amount of money spent on the project. The fee amount is shown in parentheses.

Spending (excluding fee)

The graph shows the amount of money spent without the fee:

  • Spending on bonuses — The amount of money spent on extra bonuses.

  • Spending on assignments — The amount of money spent on tasks.

Average task price

The average price in USD per general task in the project, including overlap.

Note that this is the price per task, not per suite with overlap. The Toloka fee isn't taken into account when calculating the average task price.

Earnings per hourAverage Toloker earnings per hour of data labeling in the project, in US dollars. Earnings are calculated for all tasks in the project and include extra bonuses for tasks.
Banned TolokersThe number of Tolokers who are blocked from accessing the project.
Quality on control tasks and training tasks

This graph shows the percentage of correct responses in the control and training tasks.

Blocked by rules

The number of Tolokers banned by the quality control rules.

Note that the number of Tolokers is counted separately for each rule.

Banned Tolokers

The graph shows two indicators:

  • On the project — Number of Tolokers banned from the project.
  • By the requester — Number of Tolokers blocked by the requester.

Note that the graph only shows banned Tolokers. It doesn't include Tolokers whose access is suspended.

Active TolokersThe number of Tolokers who started at least one task suite within the last hour and have access to the project.
Interested in pool

The number of Tolokers who started or completed at least one task suite.

It includes both interested and engaged Tolokers.

Submitted in pool

The number of Tolokers who completed at least one task suite.

Tolokers completing tasks in the project

The total number of Tolokers who completed tasks in the project.



How are the statistics for “Quality: training tasks” and “Quality: control tasks” calculated? Do they include the training tasks uploaded to the main pool?
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Last updated: August 3, 2023

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