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data labeling platform

Fast data iterations and easy scaling to support AI/ML development.

Two-sided platform engineered for scalability

Two-sided platform engineered for scalability

Platform delivery models

  • Self service
    Tune your project with a wide range
    of quality control tools and technologies
  • Managed service
    Request a bespoke solution designed
    for your use case by our experienced team

Crowd options

  • On-demand global crowd
    Access millions of Tolokers available 24/7
  • In-house workforce
    Invite your employees or contractors
    to label your data in Toloka

Platform capabilities

  • ML technologies
    • One platform to manage human labeling & ML
    • Prebuilt scalable infrastructure for training and real-time inference
    • Flexible foundation models pre-trained on large datasets
    • Automatic retraining and monitoring out of the box
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  • Diverse global crowd
    • 100+ countries
    • 40+ languages
    • 200k+ monthly active Tolokers
    • 800+ daily active projects
    • 24/7 continuous data labeling
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  • Crowdsourcing technologies
    • Advanced quality control and adaptive crowd selection
    • Smart matching mechanisms
    • 10 years of industry experience and proven methodology
    • Open-source Python library for aggregation methods
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  • Robust secure infrastructure
    • Privacy-first, GDPR-compliant focus on data protection test
    • ISO 27001-certified
    • Multiple data storage options, Microsoft Azure cloud
    • Automatic scaling to handle any volumes
    • API and open-source libraries for seamless integration
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Data types

Collect, classify and annotate text, images, audio and video with our purpose-built data labeling and collection platform.

How our platform works

  • Data labeling and collection
  • 1

    Pick a project preset that matches your task and the type of data you want to collect or label. Or start from scratch and design your own template.

  • 1

    Customize settings to choose the audience, quality control methods, and other options.

  • 1

    Upload the first batch of raw data for labeling. Launch your pool of tasks and monitor progress as tasks are completed.

  • 1

    Download the file with results and use our aggregation tools to get ground truth data.

  • 1

    Tweak settings to improve results for the next batch of data.


How to ensure

  • Build flexible quality control pipelines with crowd filters,
    golden sets, state-of-the-art aggregation methods, and more
  • Level up your skills with our free courses and
    and master the art of quality control
  • Real-time anti-fraud checks are built into the platform
    to detect bots and prevent problematic behavior

Why engineers love Toloka

Our platform is purpose-built to meet the most challenging data demands.

    • Fast scalability
    • Short turnaround time
    • Wide range of quality
      control tools
    • Real-time data labeling
    • API and Python SDK
      for easy integrations
    • Clear pricing
  • "We were really impressed with how fast we got our project done in Toloka - 10,000 ads were reviewed in just 12 hours."
    Special Projects Team
    "We chose Toloka, because of the fast turnaround time and the active participation of performers."
    Data engineer
    "Thanks to Toloka, we're able to run numerous data projects on a regular basis. What we gain is a dependable approach to data labeling."
    Crowd Solutions Architect
    "We choose Toloka because of high throughput for large data volumes. We collected the world's largest database of 200,000 unique photos and videos."
    Science Director and Co-founder
    "With Toloka we were able to resolve even the most difficult cases of recognizing handwritten text in documents for our customers."
    Founder and CTO of Dbrain, Y Combinator alum
    "Toloka is the first place we go to prepare data for Al. We get a full set of quality control tools and it's 10 times cheaper than our previous solution."
    Head of Technologies

Flexible task interface

  • Template Builder for quick adjustments
    Tweak the task interface in our no-code visual editor, or use
    the JSON-like code editor with snippets and real-time preview
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript for full customization
    Design your own task interface from scratch or start with
    our flexible templates — create a custom task of any complexity

For developers

  • API
    Our open API gives you the freedom
    to integrate directly into any pipelines
  • Python SDK
    Our Python toolkit covers all API
    functionality to give you the full
    power of Toloka
  • Java SDK
    Our Java client library provides a lightweight
    interface to the Toloka API that works
    in any Java environment

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