Writing instructions

When selecting a task, the Toloker is first shown the instructions that you wrote. Describe what needs to be done and give examples in them.

Why instructions are important

Good instructions help the Toloker complete the task correctly. The clarity and completeness of the instructions affect response quality and the project's rating. Unclear or overly complex instructions, on the contrary, will scare off Tolokers.

If the Toloker completed the task according to the instructions, and you rejected it, they can file an appeal. It is important to make the instructions both clear and accurate.

Learn more about how to write simple and clear instructions on the Toloka website.

Creating instructions

When creating or editing the project, enter the instructions in the Instructions for Tolokers editor. If necessary, insert pictures, links and tables in the visual editor or using HTML markup. To switch modes, click .

To expand the editor to full screen, click .

To view the instructions as seen by the Toloker, click .

HTML markup

The HTML markup mode allows you to create user-friendly instructions. Declare and apply CSS styles and use allowed HTML tags.

CSS styles

Declare styles in the style container or use the style attribute in tags to assign a style.


The style container can be placed at the beginning or at the end of the instructions.

Supported HTML tags

The HTML markup supports basic tags:

  • Headers from h1 to h6.
  • Paragraph p and the div, pre, and blockquote blocks.
  • The ol, ul, and dl lists.
  • The table tag for tables.
  • The a tag for links.
  • The img and map pictures.
  • Text layout. For example: span, strong, em.
Full list of supported tags

Unsupported HTML tags

You can't insert the following in the instructions:

  • Scripts.

  • Frames.

  • Objects, audio players, or video players (the object, audio and video elements).


    You can provide links to audio and video.

Tags that are not supported are removed from the instructions when saving the project.

Editing the instructions

To change the instructions, go to project editing, make changes and save the project.


If you edit instructions in a project that already has completed tasks, you should notify Tolokers.

What's next

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Last updated: July 24, 2023

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