Adding a training

With training pools, Tolokers can practice before getting started. You can provide access to the general task pool only to those Tolokers who passed the training.

The training pool contains only training tasks. Tasks in the training pool aren't paid for.

The training pool doesn't have its own filters. The Toloker requirements are the same as in the main pool.


If the training pool functionality doesn't meet your needs, create a main pool and set the pool type to Training.

How does it work?

  1. You create a training pool. A training skill is created automatically. Newly created training pools use a skill that was already created.

  2. You upload tasks to the pool and mark them up. You can upload tasks that are already marked up.

  3. You link the training to the main pool.

  4. You start the main pool and the training pool.

  5. The Toloker sees only the training tasks and decides to complete them.

    If the Toloker makes a mistake, they are shown a hint. To go to the next assignment, they need to answer all questions correctly. If the tips aren't helpful, the Toloker won't be able to complete the training.

  6. When the Toloker completes the training, they are assigned a training skill. The skill value is the percentage of correct responses submitted by the Toloker.

    Only the first responses of the Toloker are taken into account. Therefore, the correct responses in the hints don't affect the the training skill value.

  7. If the percentage of correct responses is higher or equal to the Level required value in the linked pool, the Toloker will have access to this pool.

    Pools that aren't linked to the training pool will be available to everyone unless you set the filters. Regardless of whether the Toloker passed the training or not.


    You can link multiple pools to one training pool and set different required levels for them. This lets you assign more difficult tasks to more advanced Tolokers.

How do I create a training pool?

In the interface
Via Toloka API
  1. Open the project page.

  2. Go to the Training tab.

  3. Click the Add training button.

  4. Fill in the training settings fields.

    You can use the Retry after field to set up repeated training.

  5. Click Save training.

After you created a training pool

  1. Upload tasks to the pool and mark them up (add correct responses and hints). All tasks must be training. You can upload tasks that are already marked up.

    What should be a good hint?
  2. Link the training to the main pool. For this, edit the main pool by filling in the fields:

    • Training — Name of the training pool.

    • Level required — Percentage of correct responses in training tasks (from 5 to 100) required to be admitted to the main pool. The calculation is based on the first response the Toloker gave in each task.

Training settings

GuidelinesInstructions for the training tasks.

By default, the project instructions are displayed. To write separate instructions for training, deselect the Use project instructions box.
Training titleName of the training pool (not visible to the Toloker).
Adult contentWhether the training tasks have porn content.
Time on taskThe time allowed for completing a task suite, in seconds.
Retry afterThe number of days after which the Toloker can access the training again. If not specified, training skill is issued for an indefinite time, and the value is fixed.

Learn more about how it works.
Issue in task uploading orderIf this option is enabled, tasks are assigned to the Toloker in the order they are listed in the file with tasks.
Shuffle on pageIf this option is enabled, tasks on the page are shown to the Toloker in random order.
Complete passingIf this option is enabled, the Toloker must complete all the tasks in this pool to pass the training.

You can load more training tasks than required for passing the training and specify the number of pages required for setting the skill and accessing the linked pools.
Required for passingThe number of assignments the Toloker must complete to pass the training.

Repeated training

After completing the training (successfully or not), the Toloker is assigned a training skill, and the value is fixed.

New training pools in the project aren't shown to the Toloker, as long as they have a training skill.

The lifespan of the skill and the need for retraining depends on what you specify in the Retry after field.

How does it work?
How do I set it up?

How to archive a training pool

A pool with the “Archived” status can't be started or edited.

By default, archived training pools are not visible in the list of project trainings. To view them:

  1. Open the project page.

  2. In the Training tab, select Archived.

The training pool is automatically archived if no action is performed in it for 30 days.

To archive a training pool manually:

In the interface
Via Toloka API

Click Drop-down button → Archive at the top of the pool page or in the list of training options on the project page.

If these buttons don't work, make sure that all the main pools that the training pool is linked to are sent to the archive.

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Last updated: August 3, 2023

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