Archiving a pool

A pool with the “Archived” status can't be started or edited and isn't available for the task review.

By default, archived pools are not visible in the list of project pools. To view them:

  1. Open the project page.

  2. In the Pools tab, select Archived.

Manual archiving

In the interface
Via Toloka API

To archive a pool, click Drop-down button → Archive at the top of the pool page, or in the list of pools on the project page.


To archive the training pool, first archive all the main pools to which it is linked.

Automatic archiving

General tasks type pools are automatically archived if none of the following actions is performed in them for 30 days:

  • Editing.
  • Uploading tasks.
  • Changing status.
  • Completing a task.

The automatic archiving will be delayed for 90 days if the pool:

  • Contains only control and training tasks.
  • Contains no tasks in it.
  • Is cloned via the Toloka API.
  • Belongs to one of the following types: Exam, Training, Retry, or Other.

What's next

For developers


Can I delete a pool?
How long is the pool stored?
Where are my pools that were closed a few months ago stored?
How do I find out the pool archiving parameters?
How do I accept tasks from the archived pool or when the Toloker wrote to me later than the allowed deadline?
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Last updated: August 3, 2023

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