Amazon S3


You can use any photo hosting service to add a small number of images, such as imgbb, ImageShack, or imgur. This way you can quickly get direct links to your images to add them to the task file or instructions.

To try out S3, you can activate a free trial.

Trial terms

LengthFree storage sizeGrant amount
12 months5 GB

Steps to follow

To get links to files:

  1. Sign up to Amazon Web Services.
  2. Go to the Console.
  3. Log in to Amazon S3.
  4. Create a bucket.
  5. Upload files to the bucket.
  6. Copy links.

Create a bucket

  1. In the Buckets section, click Create Bucket.

  2. Enter the bucket name. The name must be unique and must not contain spaces or upper-case letters.

    Learn more about the Bucket naming rules.

  3. Select the region closest to your Tolokers. For example, for Tolokers from Germany: .

  4. To make files in the bucket available by link, disable the option Block all public access in the Block Public Access settings for this bucket section.


    Files will be accessible to anyone with a link. We recommend using hashed file names to keep your files secure. You can generate hashes using online tools (for example, Online MD5 Hash Generator). Learn more about hashing.

  5. Confirm changes.

  6. If you want to enable version control, select .

    To make your files easier to navigate, add tags.

  7. Click Create bucket.


You can set the lifetime of files in the bucket so that they are automatically deleted after a specified number of days. Learn more.

Upload files to the bucket

  1. In the Buckets section, select a bucket.

  2. On theObjects tab, click Upload.

  3. Upload files
    Upload a folder with files
    Create a folder and upload files

    All symbols except for Latin letters will be replaced with codes, and spaces will be replaced with plus signs.

  4. Click Upload.

  5. After the files are uploaded, click Close.

Copy links.

  1. Select the uploaded file and click Copy URL on the Object tab.

  2. All file links are created by the same template.

    Links look like this:


    The link in the folder looks like this:


    To quickly get links to other files, copy the link to one of them and replace <file-name> with the names of other files.

  3. In the file with tasks, paste the links in the column that matches the input data field to which this data is passed.

    For example, if you want to use images in the image field, specify the file links in the INPUT:image column:


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Last updated: February 15, 2023

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