Managing the requester's personal account

To send tasks for completion, you must have money in your Toloka account. For more information, see Topping up your account.

All payments between requesters and Tolokers are made in U.S. dollars. The account balance is shown in the main menu:

  • The green number is the account balance.

  • Gray indicates funds reserved for the tasks waiting to be reviewed.

Money in the account is spent on the following items:

You can track spending in your profile. You can also download a task report in a PDF file. To monitor the funds available in your account, set up notifications.

Payment per task

The price of a task is set by the requester in the pool settings. Money is deducted from the account as tasks are completed. If you review assignments after they are completed, the money for completed tasks is first reserved, and then deducted.


The requester is charged a fee for using Toloka — a percentage of the cost of tasks including bonuses.

The amount by project is shown in your profile (on the Spent tab). You can see total fees for the pool tasks on the pool page (the Budget spent (+ markup) and Approximate budget (+ markup) fields).

Expenses in the requester's profile

To see your spending history:

  1. Go to the requester profile and switch to the Spent tab.

  2. Under the Spending history title, select a period.

  3. Select the type of the expenses:

    • All costs — all expenses for the period.

    • Reserved — reserved money for the period.

  4. In the section below you will see:

    • Total spent — the sum of all payments and fees for the selected period.

    • Reserved money — funds reserved for the tasks waiting to be reviewed.

    • Details by dates in the Payment and in the Fees columns.


To save the report with the spending data in the PDF file format, click Download report as PDF. To choose another file format, click at the right.

Get invoices and bills

  1. Go to the requester profile and switch to the Spent tab.

  2. Click Get invoices and bills.

  3. Select a period in the Date, of invoice from, till fields. Also you can use extended search to set additional search parameters.

  4. Click Show invoices or download the extended report as an MS Excel file.

Notifications of account status

To get notifications when you have less than 5 dollars left on your account:

  1. Go to the requester profile and switch to the Notifications tab.

  2. In the Low funds row, choose which notification method to use:

    • Browser — push notifications will appear at the bottom of the screen. To enable notifications in the browser, click Turn on in the Browser column.

    • Messages — notifications will be displayed on the Messages page.

    • Email — notifications will be sent to the email specified in your profile.

Main and secondary accounts

Requesters who opted for a paper contract can create main and secondary accounts.


  • Only accounts without any projects can be main and secondary accounts.

  • We recommend the post-paid type of contract for main and secondary accounts.

Keep in mind the following:

  • General skills.

  • Each secondary account has its own password and username.

  • You can't convert a secondary account into the main one.

  • Payments are only available for the main account, from which the funds are distributed to secondary accounts.

  • Financial reports and closing documents are issued to the main account and are not sent to secondary accounts.

If you want to create main and secondary accounts, write to support.

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Contact support

Last updated: February 15, 2023

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