Text annotation

Annotate, classify, and generate high-quality text data on our industry-leading
data labeling platform.

Use cases

  • E-commerce
    • E-commerce cataloging
    • Product search relevance
    • Automated translation
  • Natural language processing
    • Text generation
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Named entity recognition
  • Customer support & Moderation
    • User-generated content
    • Spam detection
    • Social media monitoring

Annotate text with flexible tools

Use our data labeling tools and templates to collect high quality training data. Generate or annotate text data for any project.

How text labeling works in Toloka

  • Text labeling and collection
  • 1

    Pick a project preset for text labeling that matches your use case. Or start from scratch and design your own template.

  • 1

    Choose the audience, quality control methods, and other options.

  • 1

    Upload the first batch of raw data for labeling. Launch your pool of tasks and monitor progress as tasks are completed.

  • 1

    Download the file with results and get ground truth data.

  • 1

    Tweak settings to improve results for the next batch of data.


Why choose Toloka for image labeling

Our platform is purpose-built to meet the most challenging data demands.

    • Fast scalability
    • Short turnaround time
    • Wide range of quality
      control tools
    • Real-time data labeling
    • API and Python SDK
      for easy integrations
    • Clear pricing
  • "The Toloka team helped us find reliable performers from all over the world to rate the quality of machine translation. We were able to scale a solution for different language pairs without sacrificing accuracy."
    Special Projects Team
    "We had 10,000 questions and answers to moderate daily for our e-commerce platform. We went from slow and painful manual moderation to instant scaling."
    Science Director and Co-founder
    "What we gain is a dependable approach to data labeling that we utilize in machine learning models, offline metrics, and content creation and monitoring."
    Founder and CTO of Dbrain, Y Combinator alum

Automated solutions for handling text data

Accelerate enterprise-level data labeling with our Adaptive AutoML models. Here's what you'll find:

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