Anti-fraud & quality management

Fraud detection and prevention in Toloka

Anyone who crowdsources data faces the same question: How can you be sure that you are paying real people to put their best effort into your tasks? 
Toloka has invested heavily to develop a best-in-class anti-fraud system that protects your money, time, and data.
Shared responsibility for quality

When it comes to data labeling  quality, there are two sides to the equation. Our job is to weed out bad actors and protect your projects from systematic fraud. Your job is to customize quality control settings to get the best results.

Together we can ensure the health and security of your data labeling projects.


Protect your data labeling investment

Toloka uses multilayer technologies to detect and prevent all types of fraud, including these and many other problematic behaviors on the platform.

How Toloka anti-fraud works

Our platform-wide anti-fraud system is based on mature machine learning solutions that are continuously updated. 
Our algorithms leverage behavioral signals and predictive methods to accurately detect and mitigate fraudulent activity.

  • Protection you can rely on
    • Automated anomaly detection catches problematic behavior
    • Our anti-fraud team investigates flagged activity case by case
    • Results of every investigation are fed into algorithms to continuously improve fraud protection
  • 24/7 monitoring
    • Anti-fraud system monitors all activity on the platform
    • 35 million real-time events processed daily
    • Accounts with malicious activity are banned
  • Get total control over labeling quality
    Protect your project from the start and carefully manage quality control to ensure optimal data quality. We give you a wide range of tools and let you decide what fits your scenario best.
  • If you suspect fraud in your project
    Our support team is available 24/7. If you see anything suspicious or abnormal, please contact us.

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