Image data

Collect, classify, annotate, and transcribe images with manual and automated image labeling.

Use cases

  • E-commerce
    • E-commerce cataloging
    • Product search relevance
    • Recommendation systems
  • Computer vision tasks
    • Object detection and object recognition
    • Optical character recognition (OCR)
    • Image classification
  • Online content
    • Image comparison
    • Image tagging
    • Image moderation

Image labeling tools and types

How image labeling works in Toloka

  • Image labeling and collection
  • 1

    Pick a project preset for image labeling that matches your use case. Or start from scratch and design your own template.

  • 1

    Customize settings to choose the audience, quality control methods, and other options.

  • 1

    Upload the first batch of images for labeling. Launch your pool of tasks and monitor progress as tasks are completed.

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    Download the file with results and use our aggregation tools to get ground truth data.

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    Tweak settings to improve results for the next batch of data.


Why choose Toloka for image labeling

Our platform is purpose-built to meet the most challenging data demands.

    • Fast scalability
    • Short turnaround time
    • Wide range of quality
      control tools
    • Real-time data labeling
    • API and Python SDK
      for easy integrations
    • Clear pricing
  • "We were really impressed with how fast we got our project done in Toloka — 
    10,000 ads were reviewed in just 12 hours."
    Special Projects Team
    "We choose Toloka because of high throughput for large data volumes. 
    We collected the world's largest database of 200,000 unique photos and videos."
    Science Director and Co-founder
    "With Toloka we were able to resolve even the most difficult cases 
    of recognizing handwritten text in documents for our customers."
    Founder and CTO of Dbrain, Y Combinator alum

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