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Get instant access to high quality labeled data for faster AI development.

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Data labeling is easier than ever

Start instant classification of your text data in minutes. Get accurate 
LLM-powered data labeling for your AI applications.
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    We give you the tools to achieve exceptional results. Tweak your prompt, add ground truth data, and run tests to find the best quality before you start labeling.
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    Experience the power of instant classification. View results and assess quality in real time to accelerate time to market for your AI apps.
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    Our beta platform is free to test models and prompts — only pay for requests to a deployed model. Get started with free credits.
Powered by the latest large language models
Ready for instant high-quality text classification?
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Ready for instant high-quality text classification?
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Use cases

How it works

Start with a prompt

We generate the model prompt for your data labeling task.

  • Describe your classes for data labeling.
  • Label a few examples from your dataset.
  • Get your generated prompt and tweak as needed.

Prepare ground truth 
data with zero effort

No labeling hassles! We deliver high-quality 
golden sets for testing model output.

  • To benchmark models, you need a large 
    set of accurately labeled data.
  • Our qualified annotators carefully prepare 
    golden sets from your dataset.
  • Just one click to submit the raw data — 
    we'll take care of the rest!

Iterate effectively with instant quality measurements

Try new prompts for better results.

  • Run tests on each prompt version 
    to see the accuracy of model output.
  • Compare precision, recall, and F1 score.

Pick your variant and start collecting labeled data

  • Choose the model and prompt that offer the best 
    cost-to-quality ratio for your task.
  • Instantly deploy to an endpoint for easy API access.
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Coming soon: exciting tools 
for top-notch performance

Stay tuned for upcoming enhancements to elevate your experience and streamline your workflows.

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  • More large language 
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