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What is the Toloka partnership program?

The Toloka partnership program empowers your business to break into new areas of the exploding AI/ML market.

There is increasing demand for ML-based solutions in e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries, along with demand for human-labeled data to fuel them. The data labeling and MLaaS market is expected to grow up to 5 times by 2027.

Our team will help you master data labeling, data collection, and human-in-the-loop workflows for a wide range of ML needs. Together we can accelerate the growth of your products and services.

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How you can benefit from the program

  • Diversify your offerings
    Sell new solutions for high-demand use cases with our expertise and support
  • Expand your business
    Boost your services with added value and attract clients in new markets
  • Grow your revenue
    Get higher margins with our cost-effective data labeling platform

What we offer

  • Onboarding for your team
    Grow your expertise with our Crash Course, certification program, and solution development support
  • Full sales cycle support
    Get ongoing support with technical expertise, co-marketing, sales materials, and lead generation
  • Global community
    Gain additional visibility for your company with joint events and networking at exclusive community gatherings
  • Early access to features
    Be the first to try new product features and influence product development

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