Self-Study Guide 
to Crowdsourcing

Your video guide to crowdsourcing from A to Z.

Why master crowdsourcing?

  • Data is essential
    AI-based products and services rely on large amounts of high-quality labeled data for training, tuning, and evaluating machine learning algorithms. We strongly believe that machine learning workflows will focus increasingly on data production.
  • Optimize quality, speed and cost
    The crowdsourcing approach is an effective way to collect and label large datasets with faster turnaround and lower costs compared to using a limited group of experts for data collection and annotation. Our 10 years of industry experience and research show that advanced crowdsourcing techniques can make all the difference in building top-quality datasets.

What will I learn?

We created this series of video tutorials to get you acquainted with crowdsourcing – through theory and real-life case studies. This is the perfect opportunity to explore crowdsourcing techniques and apply your knowledge right away.

Choose from 3 tracks: ML and AI, Business and Marketing, or Social Sciences. Whatever your background, you can count on our tutorials to walk you through the basics.

  • Choose a track.
  • Watch the tutorials from start to finish or jump straight to the part that’s relevant to you.
  • Watch the case studies. Spoiler alert: one of them is our own!
  • Go ahead and try launching your own project.
    Trust us: after watching our tutorials, you'll find it a lot easier.

Choose your tutorial

Learn how to get a high-quality dataset and use it to train your neural model. This track is perfect if you or your colleagues are involved in ML/AI.

Learn more with our helpful guides and step-by-step instructions.