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At Toloka, we care about your experience on our platform and strive to make it safe and convenient for everyone: requesters who post tasks and Tolokers who perform them. To that end, we are introducing a moderation step for all new projects.

What are the benefits?

Now all new projects in Toloka will be required to pass a moderation check before being sent to Tolokers to perform. This means that we will verify if the project is in line with our platform guidelines. We do this to ensure that Tolokers are getting the best possible experience and don't encounter any tasks that could potentially be harmful. Requesters will be notified if a task doesn't follow the Toloka guidelines and get recommendations to fix it before we can get started. In this way we're working together toward compliance with platform rules and enhanced security.

How does it work?

Once you launch the first pool in any new project, moderation begins for that project. Usually, this process takes around an hour to complete. You can view the moderation status on the project and pool pages.

Moderation status on the project page
Moderation status on the pool page

Once we've completed our moderation check, you'll receive a platform notification and email with the results (that is, if email notifications are turned on in your profile settings — which we highly recommend you do!).

  • If your project successfully passed moderation, labeling will start immediately afterward.
  • If your project didn't pass moderation, you'll see this reflected in the status on the project and pool pages.

In the event your project does not pass moderation, you won't be able to launch pools and Tolokers won't see tasks from the project. Please contact Support and they'll be happy to provide you with recommendations on how to change the content of your project and tasks to pass moderation. You can also clone your project, change the content that doesn't meet our guidelines, and launch the edited clone for moderation.

If you have any questions regarding project moderation, please reach out to Support.

We're always here to help you.

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Toloka Team
Toloka Team

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