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How do you make sure your data labeling tasks are clear and well-designed? Test them prior to project launch by doing a couple of tasks yourself!

After you set up a project, you want to make sure your tasks are easy to do correctly. When tasks are simple and straightforward, Tolokers complete them faster and make fewer mistakes, which translates directly to better results. But how do you check this? Try out a few tasks from a Toloker's point of view. If you find something that might cause problems, you can go back to the project settings and fix it before you launch the pool of tasks.

To try it out, upload your data to the pool and click “Check project”.


What we recommend checking

You will see the task and instructions exactly as Tolokers see it. Make sure you try all the answer options and check both the mobile and desktop versions. Here's what to pay attention to:

1. The Toloker's task interface

  • The text and other content isn't overlapped or cut off.
  • The task looks good on both desktops and mobile devices (if applicable to your projects).
  • Buttons, text boxes, links, and options all work the way they're supposed to.
  • Response validation works as expected (if applicable to your project). If the task involves entering a phone number or email address, it's important to validate the format.

2. Detailed instructions

When testing your tasks, you'll be working with real data that you uploaded to the pool. This way, you can ensure that your instructions account for every possible scenario that Tolokers may encounter when completing the task.

Make sure that your instructions:

  • Include input data, task explanations, and examples of complex cases.
  • Are simple and clear enough that even Tolokers who have never done this type of task before can follow along with ease.

3. Task complexity

Tolokers perform better with short, uniform tasks. While you are trying out the tasks, note how long each one takes and how many steps are involved. If the task appears time-consuming, you might need to divide it into smaller tasks or reduce the number of answers.

4. Output format

Check the results and make sure the format meets your expectations. For example, if you're collecting phone numbers, make sure they're in the format you need, or if you have multiple response options, check that the labels match the names of your radio buttons.

If you discover issues that you can improve in the task, go back and edit your project settings. Tweak the task interface and instructions as much as you need to. Once that's done, your project is ready to launch.

Create new project

We recommend that you always double-check new projects. You should also check previously created projects whenever you make changes to the interface or instructions.

If you need help with writing instructions, designing a task interface, or any other aspect of getting your Toloka project up and running, contact support or start a chat on the platform.

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Toloka Team

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