Use cases

Find out everything you need to know for planning your business processes. Monitor projects remotely.
Check the condition of roads, sidewalks, squares, road signs, traffic lights, container sites and other outdoor areas.

With accurate data, you can:

  • Track the progress of offline projects like landscaping or environmental improvements.
  • Make proposals based on outdoor monitoring.
  • Control the quality of public works.

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Price: starting at $40. Up to 750 points visited in one city per week.*

Check prices on your products in specific stores. Research competitor pricing policies.

With accurate data, you can:

  • Evaluate the market positions of your offers.
  • Adjust pricing.
  • Analyze product demand and plan promotions.
Price per item: starting at $0.03. Timeframe for price checks: 10 days.*

Check where your products are placed and the allocated share of shelf space.

With accurate data, you can:

  • Monitor the availability and placement of products in real time.
  • Analyze how products are distributed among retail outlets.
  • Plan future promotions.
Price per shelf: starting at $0.10. Timeframe for store monitoring: 10 days.*

Collect objective information about employee performance, the quality of services and demand for products. Check key quality issues like cleanliness in a taxi.

With accurate data, you can:

  • Unify the appearance and communication style of your employees like receptionists, sales associates, delivery personnel and drivers.
  • Update equipment and restock inventory on time.
  • Learn the best practices of competitors and adjust your product line.
Price per secret online purchase: starting at $1. Timeframe for shopping: 2 weeks.*

Evaluate the potential of retail spaces. Collect fresh statistics on visits to your outlets.

With accurate data, you can:

  • Study the ratio of buyers to general foot traffic.
  • Learn which places are busier and more advantageous for advertising campaigns.
  • Plan promotional events and new store openings.
Price per traffic check (one retail point): starting at $0.50.*

Monitor the state and placement of advertising media like signs and billboards.

With accurate data, you can:

  • Check the work of your advertising agency.
  • Learn how successfully your ad is placed in comparison with competitors.
  • React quickly to update advertising materials and choose the best location.
Price: starting at $150. Up to 800 points visited in one city per month.*

Follow the progress of promotions in real time. Check that advertising materials and promoters are on site.

With accurate data, you can:

  • Discover why a promo failed.
  • Generate offers for different groups of buyers.
  • Clarify your marketing plan.
Price per store: starting at $0.20. Timeframe for tracking promos in a list of stores: 10 days.*

Collect up-to-date information about businesses like address, phone number, and opening hours. Check whether signs are easily visible and building entrances are accessible.

With accurate data, you can:

  • Update information on your site or in a database.
  • Check how easy it is to find a business at a particular address.
  • Make signs more informative and appealing.
Price: starting at $40. Up to 750 points visited in one city per week.*

Interview buyers at retail locations and find out what customers think. Perform remote quality control checks.

With accurate data, you can:

  • Study customer needs and discover how to increase loyalty.
  • Adjust your prices.
  • Make plans for product promotion.
Price per completed survey at one location: starting at $0.80.*
*Approximate cost. Not a public offer. Price and turnaround time for tasks are set by the requester and depend on the type of task, input data, and other factors.
Countries and Tolokers
24 time zones. Wide variety of languages, ages, and professions.
Fresh data, photos, and videos — in real time.
Fast data collection. And when you really need it — ultra fast.
Preset Tasks
Flexible templates for a variety of tasks.
Automated methods, including geo tagging.
Free API
Seamless integration into any workflow with our Python library.

Flexible interface for any type of task

  • Task descriptions and prices are visible on the map for faster matches to Tolokers.

  • Tasks are broken down into simple steps to reduce the number of mistakes.

  • Tolokers take a photo or record a video or audio and send the data immediately. Information is collected in real time.

  • You can customize the Tolokers’s project interface for your task.
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