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Mar 25th 2022
Toloka Team

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With our latest update of the pool configuration page, Toloka has introduced two new features to make launching projects and managing budgets even easier. These are price precision (smaller monetary units) and cost estimate calculator.

Cost calculator

With this new feature, you get the following benefits:

  • A suggested default price that Tolokers expect to see for every type of labeling task.
  • A detailed breakdown of the final price for every task you're looking to request.

As a result, you get a clear cost estimate for every type of pool you create, including our recommended price for each labeling task – the one that’s more likely to provide faster results. In addition, you’ll see the performers’ interest indicator – it shows how the set price reflects on their level of interest and how likely they are to take on the task and tackle it diligently.

All this can be done within a new block added to the pricing section on the “New pool” configuration page. The calculator will automatically appear in every pool you create under “General information.”

Cost calculator

All default prices are based on the “Project template” for the task you’re about to launch. Meanwhile, “Dynamic pricing and overlap” has moved to advanced settings.

Price precision

The goal here is to offer you a better understanding of each price per label, so that you can set the right price for your labeling task much more accurately. With this new feature you can:

  • Set your prices with an accuracy of $0,001 – one tenth of a US cent.
  • Use this feature alongside our cost estimate calculator to find the perfect balance between the prices you set and the crowd's interest in your task.

Because of this:

  • The prices now start at $0.005 per task suite.
  • Our minimum commission has been lowered to $0.001 from $0.005.
  • For prices under $1, smaller units apply – $0.001. For prices over $1, larger units – $0.01.

This means that when you determine your prices for labeling tasks, you can set them between $0.005 and $0.999 – for example, $0.006 or $0.997 – but you can’t set $1.005.

New units have been added to the pricing section on the pool configuration page where prices normally appear.

Minimum price

Give it a try

We invite you to give these handy features a try by launching a new pool! Determine the best price for your labeling task based on our suggestions, gauge your potential performers’ interest, and then set the ideal price with the utmost precision. Questions? Get in touch with us on Slack – our Support team and Toloka Global Community are always happy to hear from you.

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