Communication issues

After completing a task, Tolokers rate different aspects of it. In particular, they indicate how comfortable it was to communicate with the requester. Based on these ratings, a communication issues indicator is generated.

Try to answer promptly to messages and questions because the labeling quality depends on how well the Tolokers understand the task. If you don't reply to questions quickly enough, tasks might be completed incorrectly, and it will take longer to get results.


If no Toloker has yet given a rating, the indicator value will be missing.

How to calculate

Qi=CSIQ_{i} = {CSI}


  • QiQ_{i} is the communication issues indicator.
  • CSICSI is the Tolokers' rating, which shows how satisfied they are with the communication process.

How to estimate

  • A good indicator is > 4.5.

  • A low indicator is < 4.5 or missing.

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