Shared access to the account

You can give access to your account to the following user categories:

  • Toloka requesters with social authorization

    Give access to your account to other clients who are registered in Toloka as requesters using social authorization.

  • SSO clients

    Give access to other clients who use the same SSO authentication as you to access Toloka.

  • Toloka support

    If you need help with setting up pools or projects, give Toloka support temporary view-only access to your account to get recommendations. Access will be automatically revoked in 7 days. If necessary, you can revoke access earlier.

Access types

Toloka allows you to give two types of access to your account:

  • Full access

    Use it if you want other people manage your projects and post tasks, and you will manage the finances.

  • View-only access

    Use it if you don't want to give full access to your account, but want them to view the account information. You can also give view-only access to Toloka support to help you with your projects or troubleshoot the problems you have.

The main differences between the access types are listed in the table below.

PermissionsFull accessView-only access
View projects, pools, tasks, finance information++
Manage projects+-
Manage pools+-
Post tasks+-
Get results+-
Manage access to account+-
Use Toloka API+-
Move tasks from sandbox to Toloka production version+-
Top up balance--

You can view the list of accounts to which the permissions have been granted on the Profile page in the Account access tab.

How to grant access to the account?

Other requesters
SSO clients
Toloka support

To give access to other clients, you must know their user IDs.

Where to get User ID
  1. Go to the Profile → Account access tab.

  2. Click Grant access Grant access.

  3. Enter the client User ID.

  4. In the drop-down list, select Full access or View only.

  5. Click Grant access.


You can't give access to your account:

  • To the clients who aren't registered in Toloka as requesters using either social authorization or SSO authentication methods.

  • To the Tolokers even if you know their ID.

How to revoke access to the account?

  1. Go to the Profile → Account access tab.

  2. Click the Revoke access icon next to the client you want to revoke access from.

  3. Click Revoke in the popup dialog.

How to log in to your account


Depending on the type of access, some functions are restricted.

To log in to the requester account you were given access to:

  1. Log in to Toloka with the client for which access was granted.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click your account's avatar.

  3. Choose the requester account you want to log in to.

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Last updated: June 19, 2023

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