History of skill changes

To download the history of skill changes:

  1. Go to the Tolokers page.

  2. Select the Tolokers whose skill changes you want to view.

    How to select Tolokers
  3. Click on the Toloker's ID to view the detailed information.

  4. Hover over the skill line and click .

  5. Open the downloaded file and choose a pipe | as a separator. The file may contain the following fields:

    • worker_id — Toloker ID.
    • pool_id — ID of the pool where the skill is used as a filter or in a quality control rule. If the value is empty, it means that the skill was assigned to the Toloker manually.
    • skill_id — Skill ID.
    • skill_name — Skill name.
    • value — Skill value.
    • created_date — Date the skill was created.
    • action — Action: CREATE/MODIFY.
    • message — Message.

    The file contains the skill change history for the last three months.

To view statistics about the skill usage, select it on the Skills page.


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Last updated: February 15, 2023

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