Radio button


The task interface configuration guide describes the features of the HTML/JS/CSS editor. You can also try creating a radio button in Template Builder.

To add radio buttons to the task, use the {{field type="radio" name="<output field name>"}} component. For example, a set of two radio buttons:

{{field type="radio" name="result" label="Yes" value="Yes" hotkey="1"}}
{{field type="radio" name="result" label="No" value="No" hotkey="2"}}

Add a field of string type in the output data description. Example:

"result": {
"type": "string",
"required": true


ParameterDescriptionRequiredDefault value
typeField type: radio — Radio button.yesno
nameAttribute for the output data field. Contains the output field name.yesno
labelSignature. For example, label="Yes".nono
valueThe value to pass (written to the output file).nono
hotkeyThe shortcut for selecting a value.nono

The position of popup hints (displayed if the response didn't pass validation). The position is relative to the input field.

Supported values:

  • Above the input field: "top-left", "top-center", "top-right".

  • Below the input field: "bottom-left", "bottom-center", "bottom-right".

  • To the left of the input field: "left-top", "left-center", "left-bottom".

  • To the right of the input field: "right-top", "right-center", "right-bottom".

  • Don't display the message ("false").


The state of the radio button when the page is displayed:

  • checked=true — Selected.

  • checked=false — Deselected.

sizeSize of the field.

Supported values: "M", "L".

Width of the field. Set in the following units:

  • Pixels. For example, width="100px".

  • Percentage of the size of the parent element. For example, width="100%".

    You can also use a formula for setting the width. For example, width="calc(100%-30px)".

nodepends on the length of the signature
classThe CSS class for the field. For example, class="annotation".no".field" ".field_type_radio"
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