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The task interface configuration guide describes the features of the HTML/JS/CSS editor. You can also try creating a button for uploading files in Template Builder.

To add a file upload button to the task, use the {{field type= "file" name="output field name> "sources="<sources parameter>" fileType="<fileType parameter>"}} component. Example:

`{{field type="file" name="result" sources="GALLERY" fileType="IMAGE_OR_VIDEO"}}`

For a complete list of parameters, see the table.

In the output data description, add one of the fields:

  • Field with the file type — for uploading one file only. Example:

    "result": {
    "type": "file",
    "required": true
  • Field with the array_file type — for uploading several files at once. Example:

    "result": {
    "type": "array_file",
    "required": true


ParameterDescriptionRequiredDefault value
typeField type: file — Button for file upload.yesno
nameAttribute for the output data field. Contains the output field name.yesno

This parameter applies to the tasks completed in the mobile app.

The file source.

You can set several values in the format sources="<value 1><value 2>" (with a space, without a comma).

Supported values:

  • RECORDER — Built-in voice recorder in the device.





This parameter applies to the tasks completed in the mobile app.

File type. You can set one of the allowed values:

  • IMAGE_OR_VIDEO — Image or video.

  • VIDEO — Video.

  • AUDIO — Audio recording.

  • ANY — Any file.

Yes (when creating tasks for mobile devices)no
labelThe button label. For example, label="Click me".noDepending on the interface language, “Upload file” (English), “Загрузить файл” (Russian), “Dosya yükle” (Turkish), “Faylni yuklash” (Uzbek).

The position of popup hints (displayed if the response didn't pass validation). The position is relative to the input field.

Supported values:

  • Above the input field: "top-left", "top-center", "top-right".

  • Below the input field: "bottom-left", "bottom-center", "bottom-right".

  • To the left of the input field: "left-top", "left-center", "left-bottom".

  • To the right of the input field: "right-top", "right-center", "right-bottom".

  • Don't display the message ("false").

classThe CSS class for the field. For example, class="annotation".no".field" ".field_type_file"
multipleSelectThe number of files to download at the same time.

For the single file upload, set the value to false.

For upload of multiple files:

1. Set the value to true.

1. In the output data description, add a field with the array_file type or another type of array.
notrue (if the output data description contains a field with the array_file type or another type of array).
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Last updated: February 15, 2023

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