Configuring task display

Use the plugin.toloka plugin to manage the settings for displaying tasks on the suite:

"type": "plugin.toloka",
"layout": {
"kind": "scroll",
"taskWidth": 300

Display methods are set in the kind property:

  • scroll (default): Displaying multiple tasks on the suite at the same time.
  • pager: Displaying only one task per suite, but with a button at the bottom to switch between tasks.

Use the taskWidth property to set up the task width. By default, the task is displayed in full-screen mode.


Arrange multiple tasks in a row

Let's say you want to display 2 tasks in each row on the screen. To do this, set the value of taskWidth so that 2 tasks fit in the screen for most of the Tolokers. For example, specify the value of 500 to display 2 tasks on every screen larger than 1000 pixels wide. In the kind property, specify the scroll value.

View example

Show one task out of multiple tasks

You can show just one task out of multiple tasks and add a button for switching tasks at the bottom of the page. To do this, in the kind property, specify the pager value. If you omit the task width, the task is expanded to full screen.

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Last updated: August 2, 2023

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