Text formatting

If you want to insert some formatted text, table, or list, use the view.markdown component. This section shows how to insert a Markdown text block into the Toloka task interface.


The view.markdown component is resource-intensive and may overload low-end Toloker devices.

Don't use this component to display plain text. If you need to display text without formatting, use the view.text component. Use view.link to insert a link and view.image to insert an image.

The block content is specified in the content property:

"type" : "view.markdown",
"content": "_Italic text_"
Example of the core Markdown syntax

Specifics of inserting Markdown code

Since Template Builder is JSON-based, there are some restrictions for inserting Markdown code into the content property.

  • The value of the content property has a single-line format. Make sure to replace all the line breaks with \n.
  • Make sure to escape double-quotes inside text values (") with backslashes: \".
"type" : "view.markdown",
"content": "# Header \n **Formatted text with \"double quotes\"**"
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Last updated: August 2, 2023

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