Allows validating data using JSON Schema. This is a special format for describing data in JSON format.

For example, you can describe the data type, the minimum and maximum values, and specify that all values must be unique.

This component is useful in the following cases:

  • If available components don't provide everything you need to configure validation.
  • If you already have a prepared JSON Schema configuration for the check and you want to use it.
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Components used in the example

Component properties

type*"condition.schema"Set component type.
dataanyData that should be checked.
hintstringValidation error message that a Toloker will see.
schemaJSON Schema draft 7The schema for validating data.
schema.maxLengthintegerMaximum number of symbols.
schema.minLengthintegerMinimum number of symbols.
schema.patternstringA pattern in the form of a regular expression.
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