Adds a button. This is useful for creating an optional answer.

If you want to add multiple buttons, use field.button-radio-group.

The button size depends on the length of the text.

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Component properties

type*"field.button-radio"Set component type.

Data with values that will be processed or changed. Learn more about working with data.

labelstringLabel above the component.
disabledbooleanThis property prevents clicking the button. If the value is true, the button is not active (a Toloker will not be able to click it).
hintstringHint text.
rtlobjectIn some languages, like Arabic or Hebrew, text is written from right to left. Use this property to set up the correct display mode for the component.

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Learn more about RTL languages.

Display mode:

  • ltr — left to right.
  • rtl — right to left.

    The chosen value will be added to the dir attribute in the component's HTML code. Learn more about dir.
validationconditionValidation based on condition.
valueToSetstringThe value of the output data when the button is clicked.
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