Component for image labeling.

The interface lets you select areas using points, rectangles, and polygons. You can use the shapes property to configure labeling modes that are available to a Toloker.

If you need to categorize selected items, create labels for each category using the labels property.

You can disable labeling using the disabled property. For example, use this if you need to create a task to check labeled images, or if you want to allow labeling only after a certain condition has been met.

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Component properties

type*"field.image-annotation"Set component type.

Data with values that will be processed or changed. Learn more about working with data.

labelstringLabel above the component.

Determines whether adding and deleting areas is allowed:

  • false (default) — Allowed.
  • true — Not allowed.

    You can use this feature when creating an interface to check whether the selection is correct, or if you need to allow selection only when a certain condition is met.
fullHeightbooleanIf true, the element takes up all the vertical free space. The element is set to a minimum height of 400 pixels.
hintstringHint text.
image*stringThe image you want to select areas in.
labelsarrayLabels for classifying areas.

Each array element creates a button in the interface for selecting a label.

If you use labels, you need to add at least two.

labels array area:

  • "label": "button text";
  • "value": "value".

    At least two objects must be added to the array.
labels[].label*stringText on the label selection button.
labels[].value*stringA value that corresponds to the label and is sent in the output.
minWidthnumberMinimum width of the element in pixels. Takes priority over maxWidth.
ratioarrayAn array of two numbers that sets the relative dimensions of the sides: width (first number) to height (second number).

Not valid if "fullHeight": true.
ratio[]numberRelative size of one side.
shapesobjectSetting up labeling modes that are available to a Toloker.

By default, all three selection modes are available: points, rectangles, and polygons.

Modes with the true value are available to a Toloker.
shapes.pointbooleanPoint selector.
shapes.polygonbooleanLabeling with polygons.
shapes.rectanglebooleanRectangle selector.
validationconditionValidation based on condition.
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Last updated: May 26, 2023

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