A component that allows a Toloker to add and remove list items, such as text fields to fill in.

This way you can allow a Toloker to give multiple answers to a question.

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The list items can contain any component, including a list of other components. For example, this allows you to create a table where you can add and delete rows.

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Managing components

To add a new list item, Tolokers click the appropriate button. To remove an item, they click the x icon. The icon appears when hovering over the list item.

To prevent a Toloker from adding too many list items, set the maximum list length. You can also use the editable property to block Tolokers from changing a component, like when a certain event occurs.

Component properties

type*"field.list"Set component type.

Data with values that will be processed or changed. Learn more about working with data.

labelstringLabel above the component.
buttonLabelstringText on the button for adding list items.

The direction of the list:

  • vertical (default).
  • horizontal
editablebooleanA property that indicates whether adding and removing list items is allowed. Set false to disable. By default it is true (allowed).
hintstringHint text.
maxLengthnumberMaximum number of list items.
render*viewInterface template for list items, such as a text field.

In nested field.* components, use data.relative for recording responses, otherwise all the list items will have the same value.
sizestringThe distance between list items. Acceptable values in ascending order: s, m (default).
validationconditionValidation based on condition.
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Last updated: August 29, 2023

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