A component that allows a Toloker to enter a number.

Only numbers and decimal separators can be entered in the field. A Toloker can enter a dot or a comma as a separator, but the dot is always used in the output.

When a Toloker enters a number, the separator automatically changes to the one specified in the regional settings. In some countries, the decimal separator is a comma.

You can also set up validation, for example, disable negative or fractional numbers. Learn more.

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Component properties

type*"field.number"Set component type.

Data with values that will be processed or changed. Learn more about working with data.

labelstringLabel above the component.
hintstringHint text.
maximumintegerMaximum number that can be entered.
minimumintegerMinimum number that can be entered.
placeholderstringA semi-transparent label that is shown in the box when it is empty.
validationconditionValidation based on condition.
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Last updated: August 21, 2023

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