The component displays several data blocks of the same width on a single horizontal panel. For example, you can use this to compare several photos.

You can add selection buttons or a field for comment under the compared elements.

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Differences from the component:

  • You can add buttons which allow hiding the elements. Use it if you need to compare, for example, 5 photos at once and need to choose between two.
  • You can configure only common control elements. You can't add separate buttons under each of the compared element.

Component properties

type*"layout.side-by-side"Set component type.
controls*viewComponents that let Tolokers perform the required actions.

For example: field.checkbox-group or field.button-radio-group.
items*arrayAn array of data blocks.
items[]viewA component for data output or input. For example, view.image.
minItemWidthnumberThe minimum width of a data block, at least 400 pixels.
validationconditionValidation based on condition.
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Last updated: March 29, 2023

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