Use this to configure triggers that trigger a specific action when an event occurs.

The action is set in the action property, and the event is described in the other fields.

The event can be triggered immediately when the task is loaded ("fireImmediately": true) or when data changes in the property specified in onChangeOf.

You can also set conditions in the conditions property that must be met in order for the trigger to fire.

In the following example, the plugin.trigger component is used to modify the original search query: the word "cats" is added to the word "bobtail". This happens immediately after the task is loaded.

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Components used in the example

Component properties

type*"plugin.trigger"Set component type.
actionactionThe action to perform when the trigger fires.
conditionconditionThe condition that must be met in order to fire the trigger.
fireImmediatelybooleanFlag indicating whether the trigger should be fired immediately after the task is loaded.
onChangeOfreactiveThe data that triggers the action when changed.
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Last updated: August 29, 2023

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