Wraps the content of a component in a frame that is similar to a mobile phone. You can place other components inside the frame.

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Component used in the example

Component properties

type*"view.device-frame"Set component type.
labelstringLabel above the component.
contentviewContent inside the frame.
fullHeightbooleanIf true, the element takes up all the vertical free space. The element is set to a minimum height of 400 pixels.
hintstringHint text.
maxWidthnumberMaximum width of the element in pixels, must be greater than minWidth.
minWidthnumberMinimum width of the element in pixels. Takes priority over maxWidth.
ratioarrayAn array of two numbers that sets the relative dimensions of the sides: width (first number) to height (second number).

Not valid if "fullHeight": true.
ratio[]numberRelative size of one side.
validationconditionValidation based on condition.
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