List of views

Use the components named view.* for the elements displayed in the interface, such as text, list, audio player, or image. A Toloker can't change these components. Use the data entry components (fields) where you want Tolokers to enter something.

view.action-buttonButton that calls an action.
view.alertThe component creates a color block to highlight important information.
view.audioThe component plays audio.
view.collapseExpandable block.
view.device-frameWraps the content of a component in a frame that is similar to a mobile phone. You can place other components inside the frame.
view.dividerHorizontal delimiter.
view.groupGroups components visually into framed blocks.
view.iframeDisplays the web page at the URL in an iframe window.
view.imageDisplays an image.
view.labeled-listDisplaying components as a list with labels placed on the left.
view.linkUniversal way to add a link. links into groups.
view.listBlock for displaying data in a list.
view.mapAdds a map to your task.
view.markdownBlock for displaying text in Markdown.
view.textBlock for displaying text.
view.videoPlayer for video playback.
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Last updated: March 29, 2023

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