Product photo search

For this type of project, you can use the Product photo search preset.

This template helps you get the photos of the products from the Internet that meet the specified parameters. The Tolokers search products by name or SKU the Internet and upload product images.

Take a look at the example:  the template includes a product description, links to search in Google, an upload area, and a checkbox. The Tolokers must upload a product photo or select the No photo found option if the photo hasn't been found.

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Components used in the example

You can add media files (audio files, videos, images) from your own server, a cloud storage like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, or Yandex Cloud.

If this template doesn't meet your needs, see other examples in the Data enrichment section.

Add a description

To add a detailed description to the task, use the view.text component.

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Add a response field

To let Tolokers leave comments about the task or their response, add a text field using field.textarea.

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Add a layout

To enhance Toloker's experience, you can highlight different types of data with colors using view.alert. In this example, the task description is highlighted with a blue border.

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Add conditions

The helper.switch component displays an additional interface element if a certain condition is met. In this example, the Toloker first selects Yes if the photo has been found, and No if it has not. After that, depending on the selected option an additional field appears: to upload the photo or to leave a comment why the photo cannot be uploaded.

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Last updated: February 28, 2023

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