Product search relevance

For this type of project, you can use the Product search relevance preset.

This preset helps you improve ecommerce search page results by rating how relevant products are to specific search queries.

Take a look at the example: the labeling interface includes an image, a box for the search query, and radio buttons for evaluating relevance. Note that validation and task layout are already configured in this example.

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Components used in the example

You can add media files (audio files, videos, images) from your own server, a cloud storage like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, or Yandex Cloud.

If this preset doesn't meet your needs, see other examples in this section.

Add a response field

If you need comments from the Toloker, add a text field using field.textarea. In this example, additional validation is set up that requires you to enter text if one of two audio tracks is selected.

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Last updated: February 10, 2023

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