Edit project

Change the project public description using Toloka-Kit.

Steps to follow

1. Import Toloka-Kit

Connect the Toloka-Kit library to your script.

import toloka.client as toloka

2. Instantiate TolokaClient

Replace the sample OAuth token with your own one.

toloka_client = toloka.

3. Get project

Find out the ID of the project which you want to modify. Then create a local copy of the project object calling the get_project() method.

project = toloka_client.

All the code manipulations at steps 3–4 occur in your device memory. The data will only be sent to the server after calling the update_project() method at step 5.

4. Set project new name

Specify a new public name that the Tolokers will see. You can choose to change some other project data. Refer to the Project class to see what other attributes it has.

project.public_name = "Elephant color (advanced)"

5. Modify project on platform

This actually updates the project data in Toloka.

updated_project = toloka_client.
(project.id, project)

6. Display modifications

The update_project() request will return the Project class object. You can use its attributes to print the information you need.


You should get an output with the updated project name which looks like this.

Elephant color (advanced)

Complete code: Edit project

import toloka.client as toloka
toloka_client = toloka.TolokaClient('AQC2AGAJgyNSA8CtpdO9MWy_QEB6s6kDjHUoElE', 'PRODUCTION')
project = toloka_client.get_project('118252')
project.public_name = "Elephant color (advanced)"
updated_project = toloka_client.update_project(project.id, project)
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